Technology Solutions


Many local governments are finding they don’t have the internal expertise or sufficient resources to effectively manage their growing IT infrastructure or support the related demands of the organization. Recognizing the tightening budgets and the emerging demand of technology, NJPA offers IT support and services to assist Region 5 members facing these challenges. Trained specialists are available in the following areas:

Computer Support
Anything from servers to tablets, NJPA can help with all your migrations and upgrades.

Network Infrastructure
We can help build and design your network to fit your organization’s growing needs.  We can also assist with network documentation.

Firewall & Wireless
NJPA can install, upgrade and/or troubleshoot everything within your network including wireless routers, firewalls, and switches.

Server & Infrastructure
Our experience can help design the right-sized server and security checkpoints for your organization.

Backup & Disaster Recovery
Hope is never a dependable strategy, but being prepared is.

Security Auditing
We can provide a full security audit starting from your network down to server hardening.