NJPA Health Insurance Pool

It is no secret that preventative care, early detection, and managing serious health conditions are key elements to improving overall health and wellness—or surprising that such actives help to control and reduce health care costs.

To help employers and employees alike, National Joint Powers Alliance has joined forces with HealthPartners to offer Minnesota public agencies (cities, counties, school districts, etc.) access to a cost effective health insurance and wellness programs focused on enhancing quality of life.

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Wellness programs include:

Interested in joining 5,000+ members in benefiting from the NJPA Health Insurance Pool and these powerful programs? Download the Health Insurance Quoting Requirements to take the next step!


Benefits of the NJPA Health Insurance Pool include:

  • No Fees for Membership or Plan Administration
    Our admin fee-free plan allows you to maximize your organization's health dollar contributions towards claims payment and rate stabilization. Additionally, NJPA charges no membership fees.
  • Member-Driven Decisions
    Decisions regarding changes to the Health Insurance Pool, including renewal rate and claims funding development, are made by a Member-elected committee of peers.

  • Cost Savings
    Utilizing the power of many, the NJPA Health Insurance Pool is able to realize the greatest return on your health dollars investment through a nationally solicited contract. At last renewal, rate increases were well below the medical cost trend.

  • Freedom of Choice
    Negotiated benefit packages are duplicated and alternate plans are allowed, including consumer driven health plans.

  • Fitness & Wellness Programs
    Other benefits of the NJPA Health Insurance Pool may include access to programs focused on fitness, wellness, preventative care, and disease management offered by Health Partners and/or NJPA.

  • Choose Your Renewal
    To better serve participating members, we now offer two renewal dates: July 1 or January 1.


Board of Trustees

Under the provisions of Minnesota law, governmental units may enter into contracts for the purposes of providing Group Employee Benefits for their employees and to obtain Other Financial and Risk Management Services deemed necessary or beneficial for their operation. 

Learn more about NJPA's Board of Trustees or view recent Meeting Minutes.