NJPA Health Insurance Pool


Health_Partners.jpgNJPA offers a self-funded health insurance program administered by HealthPartners. There is no NJPA membership or administrative fees required for your participation, allowing additional funds to be available for claims payment and rate stabilization.

Negotiated benefit packages are duplicated and alternate plans are allowed, including consumer driven health plans. NJPA is member-driven with decisions made on your behalf by a Membership-elected committee, including renewal rate and claims funding development. Other benefits of Membership in the NJPA Risk Management Pool may include participation in the Frequent Fitness Program; wellness programs, like Healthy Together, and preventative care and disease management programs offered by HealthPartners and/or NJPA.

Our pool currently includes approximately 5,400 members and continues to grow. Our last renewal increase need was well below the medical cost trend. To better serve our Membership, we now offer two renewal dates. Prospective Members will be able to elect a July 1 or January 1 renewal date.

For more information, please visit the HealthPartners website at www.healthpartners.com

Download the Health Insurance Quoting Requirements


Board of Trustees

Under the provisions of Minnesota law, governmental units may enter into contracts for the purposes of providing Group Employee Benefits for their employees and to obtain Other Financial and Risk Management Services deemed necessary or beneficial for their operation. 

Learn more about NJPA's Board of Trustees or view recent Meeting Minutes.