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You are invited...
to the fifth annual R5 Summit on Wednesday, Oct.25, 2017. The goal of the mini, one-day conference is to serve Region 5 communities by providing professional development and educational opportunities.

What: R5 Summit
Where: NJPA, 202 12th St. NE, Staples, MN
When: Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017, from 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Who: Region 5 superintendents/staff, city and county officials/staff, tribes and other member nonprofit entities. Please invite your team leaders (e.g., principals, IT, business manager, clerk, building and grounds/facilities, transportation/fleet or any other staff you feel would benefit) to attend this professional development and educational opportunity.

Keynote speaker Lori Hoffner will share strategy for creating an effective multi-generation team. Breakout sessions topics include: Public IT Safety, The Power of Community Advocacy, Legislative News, Cooperative Purchasing and more. View the entire agenda.

Receive a $500 rebate purchasing credit on account at NJPA for each full voting member entity in attendance. Rebate may be used toward any purchase of products/equipment through NJPA contracts OR for services from NJPA Cities and Counties Solutions, Education Solutions, or Technology Solutions.

David Horsager
Keynote speaker:
 Lori Hoffner

Training for the Ages!
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